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BAGABAGA collection

#oltem If you are reading this entry in our BLOG, it is because you are surely passionate about everything related to MOTHER EARTH, just like us. And without a doubt, we are related and we are part of the same planet, we are the roots of a whole. The earth is a source of identity, because we can recognize our place in the universe and recognize how we are all connected, giving spiritual meaning to each element of nature.

This is the second blog entry, if you haven't read the first, you still have time, what are you waiting for to meet us? here it is Who are We? 🤔

We want to share a little about our commitment to the environment and how we highlight and are inspired by nature, in the creation of designs at OLTEM.

Alicia (right) and her daugeter Anyi (left)

Certainly! A small jewelry business that collaborates with indigenous communities can have several positive impacts on the environment. Many indigenous communities have a rich craft tradition, including jewelery making techniques passed down from generation to generation, this may include techniques such as beading, weaving or metal working. In the photo we can see Alicia with her daughter Anyi working in the Okamas Vida.

Small businesses often source their materials locally, available, and environmentally friendly materials, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation. You ask yourself, how are you contributing positively to planet Earth when you purchase an accessory from OLTEM LLC?

hand making of BAGABAGA collection

By supporting small businesses like ours #oltem, you are generating a positive impact on our planet, since the practices used to make each accessory are done in a traditional and handmade way. Our methods often involve minimal environmental impact, because we do not require machinery that is producing toxic waste, such as large CO2 emissions, water pollution due to the use of chemicals or the generation of high percentages of plastics.

Supporting indigenous businesses and small businesses is not only beneficial for local economies and communities, but also for the environment, contributing to sustainability and harmony with nature.

Moñitos Tierra Esmeralda

Our small jewelry business is a celebration of the beauty and wonder found in nature. Each piece in our collection is carefully handmade with love and inspired by the elements of the natural world, choosing at the time of design colors representative of water, air, fire, earth, gold and silver, as well as the use of semi-precious stones such as ruby, emerald and tanzanite.

We do not leave aside one of the great treasures of the earth, the raw and organic beauty of semi-precious stones with our Moñitos Tierra collection. Each stone is hand selected for its unique color, texture and energy.

Our collection features delicate handcrafted designs, inspired by flowers from Orquídeas and Tugtu, , to pieces that capture the essence of the beauty of butterflies as they are Bagabaga, Bagabaga Hopps y Bagabaga Necklace.

Tugtu Roja y Tugtu Lila
Okama Vida Mora y Okama Vida Azul

Delicate pieces that refer to precious metals present on earth such as silver and gold. Vibrant tones full of energy representative of water, air, earth, fire, you can find them in our collections. Okamas Oro ,Okamas Vida , Okamas vida metalicos, Raiz

We believe that jewelry is a powerful form of self-expression and a way to honor the beauty and majesty of the natural world. The designs and pieces in our collections mostly correspond to flora, fauna, precious metals and minerals. Come, explore our collection and let the beauty of nature adorn you in style.

Let us recognize the invaluable contributions of indigenous peoples and small businesses to environmental conservation and sustainable development. By supporting small businesses like OLTEM, we can foster a more equitable, resilient and environmentally sustainable future for all.

Group of women weaverss, Medellin Colombia

At Oltem we wish to elevate and honor traditional practices through our handmade designs. Oltem is made up of hard-working women, proud of our indigenous origin and in love with traditional and contemporary jewelry design. Supporting Oltem is supporting all of us and our dream of seeing this small business grow! 🤩

COMING SOON! 💥 We have many more collections in the works and new items, including handbags 💼 🤫, coming soon! If you enjoyed this blog, subscribe to our email list to be notified when another blog comes out. 💌 Each Blog will contain design information, inspiring content, news and much more! Let us know what you thought of this blog post!

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